1. Boza

This thick, slightly fermented millet drink is a personal favorite of mine. It has a sweet & sour taste, and is delicious with some cinnamon on top. It’s a winter drink, and it is one of the earliest known Turkish drinks to survive to this day.



Photo courtesy of: Thomas Hubauer

2. Salep

Made of dried orchid roots, this starchy drink is also a winter favorite. It is quite sweet, and goes well with cinnamon like boza. Besides being one of the tastiest winter-drinks, it is good for cough relief, constipation and improves potency thanks to the cinnamon!



Photo courtesy of: Susanne Carlsson

3. Şalgam

It is basically red carrot juice, but simply calling it “red carrot juice” doesn’t make it sound that interesting. It is a salty, spicy and flavored juice, and is usually served with raki or Turkish kebab. This one takes a little getting used to, if you’re not a fan of salty drinks.



4. Meyan Şerbeti

Made of licorice, this drink is usually preferred in summer. Some call it the “Turkish cola.” It is Although it is rare in the western part of Turkey, you can find some in Turkish bazaars, sold by peddlers in a big brass flask on their back!



Photo courtesy of: julieupmeyer

5. Şıra

Slightly fermented grape or apple juice. It is a sweet drink due to the high amount of fructose it contains. You can try it with your kebab and see if you like it.



Photo courtesy of: angela-gela

Have you tried any of these Turkish drinks before? If you haven’t, make sure that you ask for them on your Turkish Night!